I decided not to play Minesweeper cause during university my roommate created a hardest-mode record I thought it impossible for me to break. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how to turn this around: practice, chance, etc. Days before, a light bulb moment:

Rather than moving forward with Minesweeper, how about a new track?

That’s why I started MINESTACK, a 3D Minesweeper. Here’s a video on how to play MINESTACK — almost the same as Minesweeper:

MINESTACK is a web game, currently a pure static piece. Any interests on the source code, here’s the reference:

And…most importantly, give it a try! Enjoy!

Originally published at https://gniquyij.github.io.

Apart from securing noodle cup lid, I use Kindle for read-later. You could already find lots of good tools for read-later, like ‘Instapaper’, ‘Pocket’, ‘Send to Kindle’ from Amazon, etc. Pity that they could not perfectly meet my requirements, especially these points:

  • One more account. To get my contents, read-later…

Here are the things I’ve been trying to avoid as a Quality Assurance (hereinafter referred to as ‘QA’), in no particular order.

  • Make an assumption without a validation.

Developers always assume no bugs in their code.

  • No curiosity.

What motivates you to figure out what happened? Money?

  • No documents.

Can you remember everything?

  • No expectations.

When you don’t know what you are going to test, what are you going to test?

  • No patience.

What can you do without patience?

  • No priority.

You would not have time for a blocking issue cause you’ve spent your time on a non-blocking.

  • No scope.

People will define the scope if you don’t.

  • Repeat yourself.

People think QA is a job requiring repeating — once found an issue, reproducing, debugging, verifying, etc.. Is there any other way to get them done?

  • Think dependently.

Multi inputs, multi outputs?

Originally published at https://gniquyij.github.io.

There’s a clock in my grandparents’ house. It’s been called ‘broken clock’ (‘bclock’ for short) since I can remember but it always worked well. Last time I saw it, questions popped up in my mind:

  • Will bclock be broken? What if bclock is broken?

Most likely, it would be thrown…

Timer is almost a necessary in my daily life. Once noticed I can’t focus, I would set a timer then ask myself to get something specific done within the time — to calm down and kick myself into the flow.

I failed to find an explicit timer in MacOS by…

‘Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner of the world.’

It is said to be a sentence in an email sent from China in 1987 which sounds interesting in 2020. For a relatively okay connection to the world — here connection refers to web search, I’ve been collecting…

I have some data requirements under GUI when I use my Mac so I wrote the following python scripts to resolve them. Details to follow. For an interactive version, you can visit here.

First comes the database connection. The apps mentioned here are using sqlite. Note that you can not…

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